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Actuator (fitting)
Air treatment, ventilation system
Apparatus for process engineering (maintenance)
Assembly- a. handling technology
Binary sensor technology, safety-related sensor technology
Building services engineering (maintenance)
Cable, pipe, hose laying (electric installation)
Comp. air tool
Connector system
Construction technology
Control element
Control, Process Control System (PCS)
Coupling (non-electric)
Dimensional Measuring Equipment / Gauge, length
Driven Spindles
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering
Electrical cabinet, housing, rack
Electrical drive
Electrical insulation and connecting material
Fitting (door, gate)
Fluid power
Gas- and fluid atomizing and spraying disintegration device
Gear motor
Gear unit for industrial applications
Gripper (pneumatics)
Gripping tool, workpiece holder
Guide element (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
Hand tool
Handling actuator (pneumatics)
Hose piping
Hydraulic tool
Industrial mixer, agitator, kneader (maintenance)
Industrial piping
Installation (complete)
Jack (hydr.)
Linear Motion
Load carrying equipment, load attachment rigging
Low-voltage switchgear
Machine element, fixing, mounting
Machine, apparatus
Marine system
Material separation (lab)
Materials-handling a. storage technology
Medical Device
Metal forming tool, pusher
Metering and lock device
Occupational safety, accident prevention
Packaging,-packing machine
Pipe connection for metallic piping
Pipeline technology (pneumatics)
Plant equipment, tool
Plant, workshop equipment
Positioning devices (robotics)
Processed and compresed air processing
Profile, armoring, lattice
Robotics, Assembly
Rolling bearing, plain bearing, spherical plain bearing
Screw, nut
Semifinished product
Separating equipment (for liquids)
Separating machine tool (punching and shearing machine)
Shaft, shaft joint
Spring element (standardized tool parts, tool and die)
Standardized tool parts (tool, die and mold making)
Surface technology (complete)
Threaded insert
Toothed part and drive
Vacuum technology (pneumatics)
Vehicle (complete vehicle)
Wheel and roller
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